Picture: Leena Reittu
For 16 years, the farm of Hakoniemi in Oravisalo was inhabited by painter Jorma Pajarinen. His studio and a barn gallery were located in the yard of the Hakoniemi farm. Hakoniemi with its surroundings is an ideal destination for artistic work. In addition to the lake-side nature, the proximity of the Russian border and the history of the region are strongly present. The nearby Salpapolku offers a chance to get to know Finnish military history and the diverse nature of the Northern Saimaa archipelago. With the recovery of the endangered Saimaa ringed seal (Pusa hispida saimensis), there is a real possibility to spot one these chubby swimmers sun bathing on the cliffs.
For the founders of Hakoniemi Residence Support Association, it is important to revive the culture, music, design and diverse art of Rääkkylä. Through the residence, the support association and artists are able to work in co-operation with the local community and companies.
We want residency artists to experience the same inspiring environment of the Saimaa archipelago that has been provided to us for decades. The lakes, nature, animals, people and everyday life on the inland islands of the Northern Saimaa are the source of inspiration for artistic and creative work.
Residence is open for applications. Please tell us your requested length and time of stay and attach a portfolio / cv to your application with a work plan for the residency period. Please state if you are interested in using a loom during your stay or any other special wishes you might have.
There are two rooms in the residence and a room is  assigned per application. However, two people (working pair etc.) can apply for the same room. Please note that second person cannot be added after submitting the application.
Please send an open application to residency@hakoniemi.com with subject ‘Application for Residency’.
Pets are welcome to Hakoniemi residency if agreed beforehand. Please mention it in your application, if you wish to take your pet with you to the residency period.
Please note that the residency period is shared with another applicant, please let us know in your application if you wish to have the applied residency period all by yourself.  
Families are also welcomed to apply to Hakoniemi. 
The residence offers work space for artists and creators. The 82 square meter house has two bedrooms. Kitchen, living room, indoor sauna, bathroom and toilet facilities are all shared between the residents. The well-equipped kitchen, work space, piano, indoor sauna, bicycles, Kicksled “potkukelkka” (in the winter time) are at the guests' disposal free of charge. There is also a private beach, lean-to shelter laavu and barbecue facilities for the residents.
In the vicinity of the beach, the Quiet House offers a place for tranquility surrounded by birds and a lake. Outdoor sauna is available for an additional charge. There is a dishwasher, microwave, washing machine, television and a fast 30 Mbps internet connection in the residency.
The use of the work space and the barn gallery is split between two residents. It is possible to work either in or outdoors. The old barn building has a 25 square meter heated work space with two work stations. The same building has a 50m2 barn gallery. For an additional fee, the loom can be found at the village house 3 km away.
Hakoniemi is located in Oravisalo, Rääkkylä, North Karelia, Finland. The Northern Saimaa archipelago can conveniently be reached by a ferry or bridges. The airport, bus and train stations are within one hour radius.
All prices include pick up from train station, nearest bus stop in Rääkkylä or at Joensuu airport. Weekly trips to the grocery store will be arranged as well.
Nearest train stations: Kitee (46km), Joensuu (52km) www.vr.fi/en
Nearest bus stops: 
Joensuu-Liperi-Rääkkylä-route: Oravisalo 
Joensuu-Hammaslahti-Rääkkylä-route: Rääkkylä (village centre)
Nearest airport: Joensuu
Hakoniemi residency would like to support guests to think about environment when planning their travels - we are happy to help with planning environmentally friendly travels from Finland/abroad.
220 € one week, 350 € two week, 500 € per month
Additional persions 100 € per week

200 € one week, 330 € two week, 480 € per month
Additional persions 100 € per week
Use of loom 50€ excl. materials​​​​​​​

Temporary visitors to be agreed separately
Use of loom 50€ excl. materials
Leena Reittu (Finland)
Niina Mantsinen (Finland)
Mitja Lehtevä (Finland)
Aoi Yoshizawa (Japan/Finland)
Tiina Hirvonen (Finland)
Paula Nivukoski (Finland)
Laura Hetemäki (Finland)
In the 12 square meter bedroom, you sleep sweetly in the coniferous forest. Bedroom amenities include a double bed, wardrobe, bedside table and a night light.
The smaller 7 square meter bedroom has a spreadable bed. Bedroom amenities include the spreadable bed, bedside table, table lamp and a drawers.
The atmospheric log house has a kitchen, lounge, an indoor sauna, a bathroom and a toilet. There is also a piano and a well-equipped kitchen in the main area of the house.
At Hakoniemi, at the tip of the coniferous headland, you are in peace and quiet. The yard has its own studio, barn gallery, sauna, barbecue area, lean-to and a private beach.
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